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  • Date Sep 11 2019

August (early September) 2019

August (early September) 2019

Well, what a month August was. Swarna and the kids were in India for a holiday, which meant time on my own to get some much needed paperwork completed. Well, you know what they say ‘the best laid plans and all that’. Unfortunately my restaurant manager went off sick which meant that I had to fill in within the restaurant more often than I had planned. Oh well, it’s just business I guess. I have been doing over 70 hours a week though and I’m feeling the tiredness.

This month David (my Business Development Manager) and I participated in 3 live cooking taster sessions in Perthshire. It’s something that I offer free to all my ‘Retail Stockist’s’. This month we did Gloagburn Farm Shop (www.gloagburnfarmshop.co.uk) which was fairly busy, however; with so many events on, in the centre of Perth, it meant closed roads and maybe kept people away (still successful though). Next we did Mains of Taymouth Courtyard Delicatessen & Shop (www.taymouthcourtyard.com), this time the weather wasn’t kind to us but we got through despite monsoon rain and wind blowing our pop up tent away on several occasions. We then visited Loch Leven’s Larder, this was a big event as there were celebrities in attendance including Judge Rinder, (https://www.lochlevenslarder.com/).

I also did a celebrity cooking slot at the Perth Show on the South Inch, Perth. This was very well attended and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting some of my regulars and making some new friends. I have been invited to participate in next year’s Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh. We all know that this is Scotland’s biggest farming event, so it should be exciting (I’ll let you all know more details nearer the time).

With respect to Retail Stockist’s I’m delighted to announce that my ‘ready meals’ range is now being stocked at Glendoick Garden Centre, Provender Brown Delicatessen and Jamesfield farm shop . I’m sure things will go great and I look forward to working with them.

However; that’s not the big news this month, the big news is that, at long last, I have taken possession of the keys for my 2 new dedicated food units within the new Perth & Kinross, Food and Drink Park, at the bottom of Arran Road, Perth. Once the kitchen fit is completed this will become the headquarters for the ‘Authentic Indian Food’ ready meals range. The new venture is going from strength to strength, remember orders yours at www.praveenkumar.com.

Exciting News; Coming to Perth in the next few weeks is the new – Bunker Golf Lounge and Bar, across the road from my Tabla Indian Restaurant on South Street. This new venture will feature two of the best golf simulators on the market alongside two, bang up to date, F1 simulators. The new bar area within the Bunker will be pleasing to the eye and will serve both golfers as well as those out for a cocktail or good quality wine. I’m hoping to have a cross street deal for my customers in the near future (as soon as this is in place I’ll let you know) mannligapotek.com.

Dates for your diary;
12 September – BBC Radio Scotland 1330 hours ‘recording of cooking tips’ from Dundee Food & Flower Show (listen again at https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0008915)
13 / 14 September – Cook School Dates (Check webpage for availability)
20 September – Provender Brown taster session (this shop packs a lot of punch for its size (I call it ‘the Dr Who Tardis’)
21 September – Glendoick Garden Centre taster session (part of their curry month (September)


  • Do you only cater to people in Scotland. I was born in Calcutta, India. In 1934. I love Indian food. We have many aged Indian people who are now unable to cook. We get ready made
    meals from Oakhouse & Wiltshire delivered to our doors, for the aged, with normal sized meals, mini meals and puréed meals. They also do a few Indian meals (not as authentic as I would like) why don’t you do the same for our aged Indian and Anglo Indian communities all round
    England, Wales & Scotland, the other two supply us with English meals like Roasts, Shepherd Pie etc., but we crave out Indian Foods, as you do frozen meals, why don’t you start meals for us at a price we can afford, and authentic Indian food we crave.
    Thank you for reading this and I would like your thoughts on this idea. I for one being housebound, and unable to cook would love to eat some of your dishes.

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