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  • Date Apr 13 2020

How we are supporting our Key Workers

Praveen Kumar is proud to say we have been active in supporting our local key-workers here in Perth, Scotland. We owe them all a great debt for the challenging times they are going through, with COVID-19 putting such a strain on resources across the country. We are doing our bit to support them by supplying meals to Hospital staff, free of charge, so that they can enjoy a hot, tasty meal at the end of their shift. 

Loving the curries in the Doctor’s mess this weekend. Thanks to Praveen and Tabla Restaurant!

Dr Duncan Sanderson, Perth Royal Infirmary

Last week, our founders Praveen and Swarna (pictured) delivered a selection of our delicious frozen Indian meals to the Perth Royal Infirmary. The meals, which include vegan, gluten free and dairy free options, are now stored in a freezer in the Doctors Mess, where any member of staff can help themselves to a meal and reheat it in the mess microwave. When they run out, they will be topped up free of charge. 

We are looking to do a similar scheme at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, but we are working on a few logistical difficulties – we hope to have it running by the end of this week. After that, we will look to other key-worker locations that can benefit from this. 

Praveen and Swarna delivered the first batch of meals to Perth Royal Infirmary. The meals were handed to hospital staff outside the main entrance, so they could be taken inside safely without breaching social distancing. Praveen says:

“We are proud to do our part in supporting our local key-workers – the least we can do is ensure they have a tasty meal at the end of their long shifts, and who doesn’t love a curry. We’ve given them plenty of options to pick from so they don’t get bored, and everyone can join in – vegan, gluten free and dairy free options are available. It’s great that we can help out, and we’re glad that they are being enjoyed.” 

“We of course wish we could provide this for all key workers and are working on supplying other key sites where our donations will be most effective. For the meantime, all key-workers across the UK can use our special discount code – KYWRK25 – for 25% off all orders online from praveenkumar.com. Their order will be delivered frozen via next-day delivery, and can be left at the door so no-one needs to be in to collect.” 

 They have been gratefully received by the hospital staff, and we have had some lovely feedback. 

Junior Doctors Duncan Sanderson (r) and Jeremy Wong (l) sent us a photo of them enjoying our curries whilst at work.

Seriously I can’t thank you enough for the generous donation of food at PRI, amazing!

If you’re a key-worker, you can order online now and use the code KYWRK25 for a special 25% off your whole order.

If you know a key-worker site that would benefit substantially from a donation of meals, feel free to contact us at info@praveenkumar.com

Thank you to Duncan Sanderson for providing the photos, which have been reproduced with his permission.

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