At Praveen Kumar, we are fully committed to achieving 100% sustainable and recyclable packaging (including delivery packaging)!

All our dishes are packed in a 100%-recyclable recycled cardboard tray, coated in an innovative waterproof layer. Simply wash the trays in your dishwasher, and then they can go in your blue bin as mixed recycling!

The polythene film that seals in their flavours isn’t currently recyclable, but we’re working on it! Make sure to remove it from the tray before recycling it. The cardboard outer sleeve is also 100% recyclable in your mixed recycling.

Our innovative delivery system uses a combination of recyclable cardboard insulation, filler and outer box, with Dry Ice that naturally evaporates over time – no nasty polystyrene here!

You can fully recycle the cardboard box, insulating liner and any filler paper. Alternatively, the insulating liner is great for keep plants warm in your greenhouse, or for your own picnics and more! If you come up with any other great ideas on how to reuse our packaging, let use know at and we’ll feature them!

The only exception is the polythene bag that helps keep the cold dry ice surrounding your curries. This can be recycled with plastic shopping bags at your local supermarket.

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