Praveen is a multi award winning, growing celebrity, chef. He was born in Southern India and has trained in many of the best hotels and restaurants the world has to offer. He has settled in Perth, Scotland where he as multi award winning Tabla Restaurant and Indian Cook School business. He prides himself on the quality and provenance of the ingredients he uses in all his cooking. He says “If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. I want my existing and new customers to really enjoy my hand cooked meals and to come back time after time”.

This is simply knowing and being able to trace the roots of all the ingredients that make up your meal. That includes the production and transportation before its delivery to our kitchens. Praveen Kumar is proud to use fresh ingredients most of them sourced and grown in the UK. Praveen has his own market garden in Perthshire to grow fresh vegetables and these are picked, delivered and used in our hand prepared meals all on the same day (not many businesses can offer you that type of service), These fresh ingredients are combined with spices grown on his own family farm in Southern India (an example of how this all comes together is available on a video on the webpage).

Your hand prepared meal is blast frozen (rapid freezing) to seal in the freshness. This frozen state allows us to deliver meals direct to your doorstep which you can then use at your convenience. We have carried out extensive testing to ensure that only ingredients that are able to stand up to this process are used in our cooking, in turn, this ensures that you are still getting ‘Tabla restaurant quality’ meal delivered to you. No preservatives are used in our hand cooking or blast freezing processes.

YES. Once your chosen order is cooked and blast frozen, it is then boxed in its own insulated packaging. This packaging is in effect a mini freezer which guarantee’s your meal will stay frozen for at least 27 hours after leaving our premises and up to 8pm on your chosen date of delivery. This has been robustly tested and as such comes with a guarantee that your food will be frozen to touch, if left in it’s packaging, for this same 27 hours from the time food left our kitchen. We have a ‘STAY FROZEN’ guarantee which means that in the very unlikely event that your meal is defrosted before your receive delivery, up to 8pm on your chosen date for delivery, we will replace it immediately, free of charge.

Your delivery will be made by our chosen carrier on the day / date specified by you. Your order will arrive in it’s own insulated box. This box is in effect a mini freezer to ensure your meal stays frozen up to 8pm on your chosen date of delivery. The sealed box contains your meal surrounded by dry ice to ensure it stays frozen. You can remove your meal, then store or cook as required.

The dry ice will sublimate (simply become a harmless gas) at room temperature. Let the dry ice become a gas on its own, DO NOT DISPOSE OF IN A SINK OR TOILET.DO NOT TOUCH THE DRY ICE WITH BARE HANDS.

This is to offset the cost of packaging and delivery of your meal. If we didn’t have the minimum order value it would mean that the price of an individually packaged meal would be too costly and simply wouldn’t sell to our customers. You should note however, that the minimum price order and the free delivery orders are only £10 apart. Therefore, we would encourage you to spend enough to ensure free delivery rather than pay £6.50 for a minimum price order (It’s only then £3.50 of a difference).

Your delivery will be made by our carrier up to 8pm on your chosen date of delivery. Orders placed before 2pm (Monday to Thursday) will be delivered the next WORKING day (this excludes Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays). Orders placed on a weekend or bank holiday will be delivered the following Tuesday. Please ensure you pick a day in advance of your required use date to ensure you receive your order.

Our carriers will leave your order in a safe place or with a neighbour. You can leave delivery instructions on the order page. You should receive a text or mail regarding your delivery in advance of the driver making the delivery (however, this is not always guaranteed due to traffic or phone signal strength or limitations), at this stage you can give further, late instructions.

We have worked extremely hard to ensure that the majority of our packaging can be re-used or recycled. The insulated box can be used to store your cold shopping at the supermarket, alternatively it can be recycled. The dry ice will simply sublimate (become a gas at room temperature, see disposal of dry ice in these FAQ’s). The food containers can be disposed of in your garden waste as they are compostable.

We store only basic details to allow us to fulfil your order. We may use your details, with your permission only, to allow us to make you aware of special orders from our businesses (Swarna Spice Ltd). We do not store any banking or payment details. Further details on this are highlighted in our Terms and Conditions page.

You can simply drop us an email at info@praveenkumar.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively, you can call us on 01738 563409

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