Kodi Koora (Chicken)


Hyderabad (a city in South India) style Kodi curry is spicy and hot, cooked with tamarind, tomatoes and onions. It is a simple curry made in many households across India. Our recipe has been handed down to Praveen from his Grandmother, and we are proud that it won Scotland’s “Curry of the Year” in 2018 at the Scottish Asian Restaurant Awards and 1 Star at the Great Taste Awards 2020! Strength: Medium/Hot

We also offer this curry as a “homestyle” option. For this, our chefs use extra spice and seasoning for a more strongly flavored and spiced dish, like we would make at home!


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Strength: Medium Hot

Chef Praveen Kumar Grandmother’s recipe: Chicken, Chilli, Fresh Curry Leaf and Tomatoes in an Onion and Tamarind sauce.

Recommended Accompaniments:
Best enjoyed with Rice or Nan.