Our Mission: Authentic Indian Food

We want to ensure that Praveen Kumar can deliver the tastiest Authentic Indian Food to fans all over the UK, so that they don’t have to make do with dodgy takeaways that don’t show what Authentic Indian Food really can be!


We want to work with the local community of craft farmers and producers to provide a Premium Authentic Indian Food experience. All our meals will be produced using local British produce and authentic spices provided by our own Indian family.


Our people are our business. We invest in our people and their personal development and support them to be creative, innovative and progressive. With our customer satisfaction guarantee, we will ensure that all our customers are happy with our service and products. We aim to provide sustainable employment in the local Perth area with a five-year target for 100 employees.


We want to enhance the reputation of British farmers and food supply chain through the provision of premium quality meals throughout the UK.

authentic Indian food