Indian Frozen Ready Meals Delivered

Our Chefs make your meal by hand. Why do we say that? Well the simple fact is that many of the frozen read meals delivered across the UK are made by machines in factories.


Praveen has always believed in the human touch whilst cooking – there’s something about hand prepared meals that make them stand out from factory driven, machine made meals. During our hand preparation cooking process, care is taken to ensure that we make you something very special and personal for you to enjoy. Knowing that your product has been made personally by a fully qualified chef gives you peace of mind that your meal is of the very best quality and taste.


Our chef’s hands ensure a connection to your order and connections are something we feel passionately about. Our food is made by Chef Praveen Kumar and his highly-skilled team, who bring together all of our ingredients and products to provide frozen ready meals delivered to you, of the same quality and standard that you would find at multi award winning Tabla Indian restaurant in Perth. The only difference is that we use much, much, bigger pots and blast freeze all meals straight after they have been cooked. This ensures we are able to produce Indian frozen ready meals delivered to you that are always tasty! 


Frozen Ready Meals Delivered: Why Frozen?

Why are we doing Indian frozen ready meals delivered when you can simply collect similar products from your local takeaway OR SUPERMARKET?


The answer is quite simple. Your local takeaway or supermarket might offer you something “similar”, but not to the standard of Praveen Kumar’s Indian frozen ready meals delivered.


Only the best ingredients are used in our cooking process. All food at Praveen Kumar is hand prepared by chefs using the recipes that Praveen Kumar learned in India.  Using vegetables from our own market garden in Perthshire and complimented with best of British chicken, meat, fish and dairy, then combined with spices that are grown on Praveen’s own parents’ farms, to give you ‘consistently the best of both worlds’ authenticity. You won’t find any artificial preservatives added to our meals, just delicious food made with the same ingredients you would find in your own kitchen cupboard.


Our recipes are tested and approved by thousands of regular guests at Tabla Indian restaurant in Perth, Scotland over the last 9 years.


We cook high quality Indian meals which provide all of the nutrition and flavour of a home cooked meal, but to restaurant standards whilst still giving the convenience required for today’s busy lifestyles.

Frozen ready meals delivered