Box of the Month


After the sweaty and sticky summer comes the monsoon season or the season of rain. 

Monsoon brings enhanced beauty subdued during summers and makes mother earth bring out its best. If you're a lover of greenery, the Monsoon in India is the perfect time to visit.

Ww have put together a delicious box of tasty dishes and seasonal favourites enjoyed in India at this time of year with new season produce and heart recipes.


Fried Fish - Crispy and delicious

Chicken pakora -Tender & delicious

Onion Bhaji - Crispy and sweet


NEW - Monsoon Murgh - Boneless chicken thigh in an authentic monsoon season sauce with fennel & mint.

Lamb Makhani - A mild and creamy, tender lamb curry!

Chicken Madras - Tender chicken breast in our award winning spicy madras sauce.

NEW - Mango Dal - A Delicious dal with our signature spices and fresh new season mango for a delicious summer dal.


NEW - Coconut Rice for 2 - Fragrant basmati rice cooked to perfection with tender coconut flakes.

Pilau Rice for 2  - Fluffy basmati rice with whole spices.

Garlic Nan to share