The word ‘bhuna’ means to fry and, in this recipe, it is key to fry the onions and tomatoes really well until the oil begins to leave the sides of the pan. The secret to a really good chicken bhuna is to not add any water as all the flavour comes from the spices and onions.


350kg Chicken breast
100g Onion diced
75g Fresh tomatoes diced
20g Rapeseed Oil
5g Chili powder
2g Turmeric powder
5g Curry powder
5g Garam masala powder
10g Fresh garlic & ginger diced
50g Ginger & garlic paste
10g Cumin seeds
10g Coriander seeds
10g Mustard seeds
20g Coriander leaf fresh
50ml Water
salt to taste


Marinate meat with oil (5g), ginger & garlic paste, salt, curry power, chili
powder, garam masala power, salt and turmeric powder.

Cooking: Heat the pan on full flame, add 15g of oil, allow oil heat up for 10
seconds. Fry diced ginger & garlic, for 5 seconds, add and fry cumin seeds,
coriander seeds, mustered seeds for 5 seconds. Now add diced onion,
cook for 5 minutes without lid, onions should now turn in to golden

Now add diced tomatoes, stir in and cook for 5 mins with lid ON.
Once tomatoes go soft and juicy, add marinated chicken, water and cook
for 15 minutes in a low heat. Add coriander leaf as garnish.

November 24, 2021 — S Tirumal Reddy